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     Ms. Aliganga is the PESO designate manager her responsibilities are;

  • Staff Management 
  • Validates Special Recruitment Activities
  • Monitoring and Evaluating of Agencies
  • Provide consultative and advisory services to higher level authorities
  • Develops Action plans, proposals and other documents needed in the implementation of programs and servies.
  • Maintains and ensures the systematic process flow in the office.
  • Ensures improvement service. 
  • OFW help-Desk 


Ms. Pon-Pon assists in facilitating Special Recruitment Activities other than that she also caters to the following:

  • Issuance of working permit and Mayors recommendation
  • Facilitates the Registration of SRS form for job seekers/applicants
  • Assists in updating the monthly and quarterly employment datas 
  • Recieves requirements for Special Recruitment Activities
  • Encodes SRS form in NSRS database
  • Reports the quarterly and monthly datas of employment status of City of Naga to DOLE 


 Ms. Honey assists in all LGU-City of Naga Scholars (ICONS) and to the following:

  • Issuance of Notice of Continuance
  • Issuance of Notice of Termination
  • Issuance of Promisorry Note for Scholars Refund
  • Processes and Prepares  School Assessment of all LGU City of Naga Scholars
  • Updates data of LGU-City of Naga Scholars
  • Assists registrants of SRS form for Job seekers/applicants
  • Evaluates and Issues Accomplisment Report, DTR's and Certificates of School Watchman 
  • PESO's Public Information Officer 



 Mr. Brandon assist in all Senior Citizen releasing of I.D's and Recieving Senior Citizen I.D application and to the following;

  • Assists registrants of SRS form for jobseekers / applicants
  • Assists in issuance of Working Permit and Mayors Clearance
  • Recieves Senior Citizen ID application 
  • Releases Senior Citizen ID's
  • Assists in Document Filling
  • Receives School Watchman monthly accomplishment report

Now you know where to inquire your concerns don't hesitate to approach the PESO Personnel,  also you can contact us through our trunkline number 272-6655 / 272-6656 (local 119).


We are here to serve you best!

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