Simultaneous with the Medical, Dental Mission last September 1, 2016, a Bloodletting Activity also took place at Multi-Purpose Hall A, as part of the 9thCharter Day Celebration. It was spearheaded by the City Health Office and part of our Annual Medical-Dental Mission. Our partner Blood Bank this year is the Regional Blood Center (RBC), the Blood Section of DOH.

It cannot be overemphasized that blood donation is one of the most noble act that one can do for his fellowman considering that the blood you give can save a person’s life. This month’s (September) Mobile Blood Donation is the third that our city conducted for this year 2016 and we doff our hats to those 30 or so donors who unselfishly gave part of their self to save lives. Being a city of more than a 100,000 people the DOH has pegged 1% or 1,000 donors each year for our city so that the demand for blood maybe met and as of today we are still very far off from that number.

And here are some tips for those who are planning to donate, (strictly voluntary)

1.      Age – 16 y.o and above and with parent’s consent for those who are minors

2.      Weight – should not be less than 50kgs and fit enough to donate with BP 90-160syst. /60-90diast. Feeling good and practicing a Healthy Lifestyle.

3.      No history of Blood borne diseases like – malaria, syphilis, Hep. B and C, HIV though these diseases can be detected through screening of the blood donated.

 So see you on our next MBD (February 2017)!!!

(Jeff Kevin G. Navales/Aladin A. de Gracia)

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