The Mayor


Mayor Graduation Message 2013

I deem it a great honor to offer my congratulations to the graduating class of 2012-2013. Indeed, your graduation rites mark a significant milestone in your academic journey, a moment that you and your parents should be proud of.

However, your scholastic feat today is merely a start of new and bigger challenges ahead. In life, trials are plenty and failures are inevitable but remember to persevere because when you work hard for your goals, the possibilities are endless.

In all parts of the world, a man’s education has been an ideal instrument for self-actualization and an effective equalizer of the prevalent disparity between the rich and the poor, but most significantly, it has become a successful tool that brings about social progress in communities.

Thus, the City Government of Naga, under the present leadership, takes upon itself to remain a strong partner of the Education Department with our foremost intention to uplift the lives of the less fortunate Nagahanons, free them from the ills of poverty and give them dignity they deserve.

True to this, the City is again accepting a new batch of 100 indigent yet deserving college scholars this year and has allocated a substantial portion of its funds to build more classrooms and hire additional locally-funded teachers.
The City Government is doing its part to give you the best education in this part of the country. We can only hope that you, in turn, will meet us halfway and do your part to achieve your dreams.

Again, kudos to the new graduates and let us be proud to be Nagahanons.


Today Marks The 5th Year Of The Birth Of Our City, Five Years May Have Passed Since Our Cityhood But It Has Only Been These Past Two Years And One Month That We Have Truly Benefitted Our Rightful Financial Share As A Bona Fide City.

It Has Been Six Years And Five Months Since I Assumed Office As Mayor To Build On The Legacy Left By My Late Brother, Enan. Today, It Is My Privilege To Be At The Forefront In According Recognition To Naga’s Remarkable Tranformation From Its Humble Beginnings.

Admittedly, The Journey Towards This Point Has Not Been Easy, You See, As The Mayor, When Anything Goes Wrong, You Become The Most Favorite Person To Place The Blame On Or Yet You Get Criticized For Any And All Reasons And When You Do Something Commendable, They Will Say, “Mayor Mana Siya, Iya Nang Trabaho.” But Inspite Of All The Challenges, I Have No Regrets, I Have Made Public Service My Calling And It Is My Honor To Serve The People Of Naga.

As I Have Said Time And Again, What Naga Is Today Has Been And Will Always Be A Team Effort, So, Let Me Thank The  Key People Behind Naga’s Success.

To Governor Gwen  – For Your Constant Support For Naga. To  Congressman Gullas – The Father Of Our City, To My Fellow Government Officials, Who Are Not Only My Colleagues But My Friends As Well, Headed By Vice Mayor Delfin Señor, Members Of The City Council – Konsehal Vince Del Mar, Konsehal Othello (Boy) Chiong, My Brother, Konsehal Elmer Lapitan, Konsehal Boy Alinsonorin, Konsehal Alex Lara, Konsehal Rudy Navarro, Konsehal Boy Resaba, Konsehal Letty Abangan, Konsehal Junjie Cruz And Konsehal Nang Minga Millena And Abc President Jingjing Chiong, To The Sk Chairperson Alexa Chiong – Thank You.

To The 28 Brgy Captains Who Have Consistently Shown Their Trust And Confidence In Our Present Leadership, The Barangay Councilors, Tanods, Health Workers. Sa Atong Deped Family Headed By Oic Div. Supt. Senen (Tata) Paulin, Division Supervisors, School Administrators And All Teachers, Who Tirelessly Work With Us – Daghan Kaayong Salamat.

To My Department Heads, I Thank You For All Your Efforts In Working Side-By-Side With Me, Most Especially Your Wisdom Whenever I Call Upon You For Advice And Guidance, All The City Government Employees, Kauban Nako Sa Buhat – Daghang Kaayong Salamat.

To The Different Sectors Who Are Here, Most Especially The Business Sector, Industries, Companies And Corporations.

Atong Mga Amigo Sa Media, Print, Broadcast And Tv.  I Can Assure You That Your Constructive Criticisms / Observations, Are Noted, Whenever I Can, I Always Make Time For Your Queries In Consonance With Our Objective Of Accountable And Transparent Governance.

To My Family – Mama Inday Gamay, My Daughter, Kristine, My Confidant Emma, Akong Mga  Igsoon, Boy, Jing2x, Sol, Oping, Lorna And To My Nephew And Nieces – Chuck, Clint, Gail, Scott, Alexa, Kim, Cecil And My Grandchildren  – Charlene, Christian And Kael –Thank You.

Now, Allow Me To Present The Work We Have Done So Far For The City Of Naga. This Year, The 2012 Annual Budget Is Estimated At P535 Million – Which Is P242 Million From Our Ira Shares And P293 Million Is Generated From Our Local Revenues. This Is Undoubtedly Huge Compared To Last Year’s Budget Of P180 Million. A Part Of This Increase Of Revenue Can Be Attributed To The Increase Confidence Of Business And Industries That Have Come In And Chosen To Invest In Naga.

We Would Like To Believe That Our Thrust On Participatory Governance And Strategic Partnership With Private Sectors Have Encouraged Investors To Do Business In Our City And In Turn, Create Job Opportunities For Our People. It Is Our Hope That With The Lines Of Communication Already Established, We Will Continue To Work Together For The Furtherance Of Common Objectives And Shared Interests.

It Is My Privilege To Report That For Many Years That I Am Your Mayor, Taxpayers’ Money Has Been Put To Good Use And Spent In Worthy Projects And Endeavors For The Greater Benefit Of The Naga Constituency. Let Me Give You An Idea On How And Where Our Financial Resources Have Been Applied:

On Infrastructure:

  • P50 Million Was Spent On The Completion Of The Enan Chiong Activity Center (Ecac);
  • P80 Million Was Alloted For The Pavement And Concreting Of Roads;
  • 30 Million Was Devoted To The Expansion Of Our Reclamation Project;
  • P7 Million For The Construction Of The New Cemetery;
  • P10 Million Went To The Construction Of Covered Courts.

This Year We Are Targetting The Accomplishment Of Two Major Projects:

  • The New Slaughterhouse Which Has A Budget Of P20 Million; And
  • The New Naga Public Market For P80 Million.

In Order To Address Our Urgent And Vital Need Of A More Reliable And Potable Water Source, We Are Pursuing A Joint Venture Water Service Agreement, Where The City Of Naga Will Be A Part Owner. In Which Case, The City Will Receive A Royalty Fee And Any Change In Tariff Will Be Subject To Approval By The City Council. Barring Any Unavoidable Events, This Is Projected To Start This December 2012.

On Education:

  • We Have Hired 150 Locally-Funded Teachers For The School Year 2011-2012 Alone;
  • We Have Constructed 38 Classrooms So Far This Year;
  • We Have Provided Armchairs For Th Different Schools Which Had A Budget Of P4 Million All In All;
  • We Have Purchased Books With A Cost Of P15 Million;
  • We Have Extended Allowances To Teachers, Granted

Financial Assistance Specifically For Trainings And Seminars;

  • We Secured A Sevice Vehicle For Deped’s Use, As Well As Lands

Intended For School Sites;

  • To Date We Have Created 21 High Schools From Eight High

Schools When I Started, This Means Almost All The 28 Barangays In Naga Already Have High Schools, Making Education Accessible And Convenient For The Youth;

  • Indeed, 2012 Was A Breakthrough Year In Our Education

Program – This Is Because We Launched Our Scholarship Program, Sending 101 Naga Scholars To Various Colleges And Universities In Cebu And With This Program, We Have Alloted P4 Million. We Will Be Supporting These Scholars Until They Graduate And Earn Their Degrees And We Will Continue This Every Year.

Incidentally, Our Efforts On Education Have Not Been In Vain, As Evidenced In Our Numerous Recognitions, The Most Praiseworthy Is Naga’s Performance In The National Achievement Test For Two Consistently Been The Topnotcher.

On Health:

It Gives Us Great Fulfillment To Note That 2011 Was Also A Milestone Year For Our Health Program.

  • Pursuant To Our Aim In Providing Preventive Health Care, We

We Have Provided A Nurse And Midwife For Each Barangay. Apart From Our City Doctor, We Have Also Outsourced The Sesrvices Of Doctors Who Conduct Regular Visits And Consultations  At Least Twice A Month For All The 28 Barangays. And In Our Effort To Create Some Semblance Of Synergy With The National Health Program, We Have Given Free Of Charge Philhealth Memberships To Over 10,000 Residents-Benificiaries.  We Envision That This Number Will Surely Multiply Next Year, As We Continue Our Vision Of Providing The Naga Constituency Better Access To Health Services.


On Environment:

  • While 62 Percent Of Over 1,500 Lgu’s Nationwide Still Use Open And

Controlled Dumps, Naga Has Already Been A Full Compliant Of Republic Act 9003 Or The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act Of 2000, Which Outlaws The Use Of Open Dumpsite.  Modesty Aside, The City Government Of Naga Is Probably The First And Only Lgu In Cebu That Was Able To Comply With The Mandatory Requirement From The Denr For The Total Closure And Full Rehabilitation Of Its Open Dumpsite, Paving The Way For The Opening Of A New Material Recovery Facility (Mrf) In Barangay Pangdan.

  • In Continuing Our Greening Our Community Program, We Have

Planted Some 15,000 Trees In Several Barangays Like Alpaco, Uling, Jaguimit, Cabungahan, Bairan, Cantao-An, Patag, Lanas Among Others.

  • Significantly, We Have Constantly And Consistently Monitored The

Compliance Of Business Establishments And Industries On Environmental Laws.

On Social Services:

Our Social Services Department Have Also Been Devoted In Implementing Our Social Programs.

  • In Our Earnest Desire To Better Take Care Of Our Elderly, We Have

Provided A Budget Of P500 Per Day For Every Senior Citizen In Case Of Their Hospitalization;

  • Additionally, We Also Make Sure That The Needs Of Women Who Are

Battered, Children Who Are Abused Or Those Physically And Mentally Challenged, And Those With Disability, The Sick, The Dying And Even In Death Are Continually Addressed Through Our Social Programs And Through The Assistance For Indigents In Crisi Situation (Aics) Program.

  • We Have Also Shared Our Blessings By Aiding Other Cities And

Municipalities In Times Of Calamity, Naga Has Extended Financial Assistance To The Following Lgus:  Cagayan De Oro – P250,000; Iligan City – P250,000; Negros Oriental, P250,000, Guilhungan Town, P100,000 And Three Other Negros Towns At P50,000 Each. Recently, We Also Extended P1 Million Through The Dswd In The National Capital Region To Help The Victims Of Massive Flooding In Metro Manila And Central Luzon Provinces.

On Technology:

  • In Consonance With Our Goal Of Providing A More Effective And

Efficient Public Service, We Have Spent P15 Million For The Computerization Of The Entire City Hall; And

  • We Are Also Working On Upgrading The City Of Naga Official

Website, Which Is Critical In Making Our City Responsive To The Changing Modern Times.

On Peace And Order:

The City Of Naga Remains Relatively Peaceful. In Fact, Its Crime Volume Has Significantly Dropped From 245 Incidents In 2010 To 169 In 2011 Or A Decrease Of 31.02 Percent. Naga’s Crime Volume Figure Barely Reaches 2.9 % Of The Total Crime Volume In The Entire Province.

Recent Police Records As Well Reveal That Crime Volume For The First Six Months This Year Is In Downward Trend, Posting Only 164 Crime Volume Or A Drop Of 2.95 Percent Compared To The Same Period Last Year.

This Shows That The Local Pnp’s Crime Solution Efficiency Rate Increased To 7.5 Percent As Compared To Last Year’s 2.5 Percent. Kudos To Naga’s Pnp And Its Members.

On Arts, Culture And Sports:

As You Might Have  Known, We Have Created Our Own Festival – The Dagitab Festival Which Particularly Engages The Young People In Dancing While Instilling In Them Pride For Their Community And A Deeper Connection To Their Roots.

We Have Also Established A City Museum.

Basketball And Volleyball Leagues Have Encouraged The Youth To Involve Themselves In Sports, Teaching Them Relevant Values As Sportsmanship, Cooperation And Unity.

On Job Creation:

Our Public Employment Office Has Been Equally Working Hard In Successfully Placing Our Constituents-Applicants In Various Companies.

Finally I Share My Pride In Reporting That The City Of Naga Has Already

Gained Recognition For Its Outstanding Peformance In The Disposal Of Waste.  No Less Than The Dilg Conferred The Seal Of Good Housekeeping To Our City For Its Excellent Performance In Management System And Internal Housekeeping, Which Cover The Areas Of Good Planning, Transparency And Fiscal Accountability.

Likewise This Year, The Bureau Of Local Government Finance (Blgf) Adjudged The City Of Naga As The Efficient Collector Of Real Property Tax, Besting 15 Other Cities In Central Visayas With A Collection Efficiency Of 522.47 Percent.

Last Year, The City’s Zero-Waste Program Gained National Recognition By The Makati-Based Federation Of Philippine Industries Inc., Which Awarded Naga As The Most Outstanding Lgu In The Management And Disposal Of Waste.

These Accomplishments Are Something That We Can All Take Pride In. We Have Achieved So Many Great Things Simply Because We All Work Together Under A Common Objective – For A Better Naga.

For My Part, I Can Assure You That The City Government’s Program, Projects And Services Will Continue To Be Implemented And Delivered In Such A Way That They Are Felt And Experienced By The Simplest And The Most Ordinary And Will Reach Even The Remotest Barangays.

On A Final Note, Have Always Believed That Temporaryo Lang Kining Tanan Nga Poder Nga Atong Gihuptan, Ang Akong Pag-Ampo Nga Makab-Ot Ang Akong Damgong Padayong Kalampusan Sa Naga Ug Mahuman Ankong Termino Nga Makabilin Ug Kaayohan Ug Gugma Sa Akong Mahal Nga Naga . Daghan Kaayong Salamat.